About Terry Colafrancesco

A prolific Christian author, Terry Colafrancesco leads Caritas of Birmingham, a nonprofit he founded more than 25 years ago. Initially, he sought to promote a Christian way of life, but after visiting Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Terry Colafrancesco expanded the focus to sharing the experience and messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje. The community holds renown as a site where the Virgin Mary appeared.

Terry Colafrancesco disseminates his message through the written and spoken word. He has hosted a number of web-based radio programs including Mejanomics and RadioWave. Throughout the years, he has authored numerous bulletins and books, including Words from Heaven, and he strives to cultivate hope in his writing. He understands today’s world poses many challenges, and he seeks to offer solutions through his communication. His publications address citizenship and patriotism as well as insights into some of today’s divisive conflicts. Aside from providing advice, Terry Colafrancesco seeks to trigger emotional responses and works to motivate individuals to take action. His audience ranges from everyday people to those in influential roles.

While Terry Colafrancesco works six days a week at Caritas, he does take Sunday off to attend church and pursue his interests in reading. He enjoys political, war, and historical novels, which he reads through the lens of the Our Lady of Medjugorje story and principles. He also appreciates nature.

Before founding the nonprofit, Terry Colafrancesco worked in excavating, landscaping, and tree surgery. Along with his sons, he continues to contribute to excavating projects onsite at Caritas. A dedicated family man, Terry Colafrancesco married his wife nearly 40 years ago. They had six boys and a girl and today enjoy relating to their seven grandchildren.


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