Terry Colafrancesco Writes Words from Heaven

Ever since a turning point of his faith journey at Medjugorje, Terry Colafrancesco has sought to spread awareness of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s messages to the world. As part of his efforts, he writes under the name of A Friend of Medjugorje. He founded Caritas of Birmingham several months before visiting Medjugorje, and the organization became one of the leading organizations focused on spreading her words of peace and conversion. Terry Colafrancesco has also published several books on the apparitions, including Words from Heaven.

Known as the definitive guide to the messages given in the apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje, Words from Heaven recently reached its 13th edition, which includes updated messages and an expanded index. The book provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to her message, but also fruit for prayer and meditation.

The messages focus around the central themes of prayer, fasting, peace, and penance, presenting these as the essential elements for achieving true peace in one’s heart, family, and throughout the world. Those who have undertaken to employ these messages in their everyday lives have reported their powerful transformative effect. They witness to how Our Lady speaks to them through these messages, drawing them and others closer to their heavenly goal.

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